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* Pursuing private Interests
continual interest in IT, free programing activities for friends and relatives
________________________________________________________________* Steinbeis research center SU electro mobility and information systems

Technical Project Management

Development of near-field applications (CloudAtlas and Eco-Routing)
________________________________________________________________* Dialog Semiconductor GmbH

IT department

several roles, including e.g. :

planning, configuration and deployment of enterprise content management systems (DMS / CMS with Alfresco),
business analytic tools (Spotfire from Tipco),
supervision of data management tools (Synchronicity),
ensuring high availability of business critical applications,
implementing a common identity management toolchain for user account administration,
configuring access controls for several applications,
desaster recovery for data management tools and licenses,
implementation of business logic in workflows,
second and third level support (analyzing root causes of problems),
spokesman for knowledge based systems,
making evaluations, benchmarks and proposals for new technologies,
performing internal trainings for new hires and support staff.

IP reuse engineering

main responsibility:
planning, configuration and deployment of an enterprise IP reuse system

CAD Manager and supervisor
main responsibilities: - commercial license administration (FlexLM)
. Planning and Deployment of decentralized application server infrastructure
(Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor, and Design kits)
- Planning, configuration and deployment of global
software release management (GPL)
Trouble Ticket and Incident Helpdesk System (RT - bestpractical)
Data and Revision Management Software (Synchronicity)
Queue and Load Balancing software (PBS and MAUI scheduler)

* with Apptime Technologies GmbH (now out of business)

Director IT Infrastructure at Apptime responsibility for the internal IT infrastructure (national/international)
support for marketing department (focus technical marketing) and all other departments on IT topics.


* with GmbH

Director IT Infrastructure at Amazon
responsibilities :

managing IT Germany with 20 people in three locations
to serve over 800 employees. The IT departments were:
UNIX and NT system administration
IT procurement
technical project management
telecom and network department
desktop helpdesk
day-to-day operational support
headcount and budget responsibility
supervision of international projects
planning of new projects with business owners
defining priorities with the country manager and steering committee
liaison with business units and US technical groups to develop
and drive IT strategy for Germany
implementing metrics for service level agreements with departments

Senior Systems Administrator Unix

responsibilities :

implementation of a new UNIX infrastructure in Germany in 3 locations
(Mail, DNS, Majordomo, DHCP, user accounts, ...)
implementation of an administrative scheme for maintaining all systems
configuration of escalation and problem reporting tools (Remedy)
security engineering
designing of future server equipment
supervision of 6 system administrators in 3 locations
supervision of shifts outside business hours
evaluation of external systems and consultants
maintaining high availability of systems
negotiating maintenance contracts and establishing escalation paths
to HW vendors
migration from DEC Alpha to SUN servers
close cooperation with in Seattle, travel and meetings
second level technical consulting for all departments

* with VLSI Technology GmbH (then Philips Semiconductor, then NXP)

responsible for IT and CAE support
of all engineering groups
in the European Headquarters
(Design Center, Core Technology,
Test Department and Csys department)

responsible for CAE :

consulting and training of tools
analysis and evaluations of new tools
planned and implemented new design flows
to improve designer productivity VLSI worldwide
planning,budgeting and purchasing of tools; license management
customer interface for tool and design methodologies
technical consulting for marketing, sales and engineering
defining and implementing the headquarters' tool-server structure
customer support for all VLSI design kits
negotations with EDA vendors

responsible for IT :

system administration and setup of UNIX machines
maintaining and improving high performance (speed/CPU-power)
budgeting/planning/purchase of hardware
negotations with hardware vendors

* with Viewlogic Systems GmbH (then Innoveda, then Mentor / Synopsys)

as support engineer:

solely responsible for postsales support in EMEA
main contact for all Viewlogic tools
hotline for maintenance customers
usergroup spokesman
beta testing of software
internal trainings
presales support
onsite support for major customers

as systems administrator and MIS/IT engineer (complementary duty):

maintenance of a complex heterogenous network
(~40 machines with NOVELL 3,WIN 31x,NT 3,WIN 95,SOLARIS 1/2,DEC-OSF,HP-UX)

WAN implementation with ISDN, interfacing to the service provider UUNET,
setting up services (WWW,FTP,NIS,DNS, ...)
maintenance of mail systems: LOTUS cc:Mail and UNIX mail
licensing of SW with FLEXLM
using, maintaining and programing customer databases (Q&A)

as applications engineer:

presales support and presentation of tools
trade shows, seminars/workshop preparations and presentations
customer trainings
guiding and consulting of customers
benchmarking Viewlogic tools against competition

* with European Silicon Structures GmbH (then Atmel)

main activities :

technical presales and postsales support
ASIC design, signoff reviews, and interface to manufacturing
(with tools from Cadence, Mentor, Compass and ES2's own SOLO 1400 SW)
retargeting and redesigning projects to different technologies
library and design kit modifications and bug reporting
customer trainings of CAE software and ES2's design kits
preparation of trade-shows and presentations
script and testprogram development/debugging

Systems manager of ES2 :

maintenance/installation of HW/SW on ~10 heterogenous UNIX machines
network administration
shell script programming
buying of hardware
maintenance and implementation of backup strategies

* studies in Electrical Engineering at Technical University of Munich

Diploma in Electrical Engineering: Dipl.-Ing (univ.)

grade 1.6 (scale 1 to 6, 1 being best)

area of concern:

digital electrical engineering and information theory
courses and practical semesters included circuit integration,
transistor modeling, programming methods
* completed 15 months German army duty
* Abitur

main subjects: mathematics and physics
grade 1.5 (scale 1 to 6, 1 being best)

* School: Gymnasium in Munich
* professional trainings :


HP Veritas Net Backup
RT Advanced Training (Ticket System)
Spotfire (Business Analysis Tool)
ECM Training (Alfresco) (Content Management)
Postgraduates studies for E-Commerce and E-Business at TU Kaiserslautern
* personal: hobbies are rhythm & music, personal development skills, eastern philosophies